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Openwave Mobility and Cisco Innovate in NFV/SDN Mobile Data Services

We are pleased to announce that we have recently enhanced our collaboration with Cisco to innovate the next generation of application functions for mobile operators. Based on NFV/SDN concepts, Cisco and Openwave Mobility will empower service providers to flexibly launch new value added services flexibly and swiftly to deliver a consistent Quality of Experience (QoE) to subscribers. This is an extension to an existing successful partnership which the two companies have pursued for the past 18 months.

Cisco will leverage Openwave Mobility’s NFV-ready products that include encrypted and unencrypted traffic optimization, traffic classification, quality of service control and data plan monetization. The solutions will be integrated into Cisco’s GiLAN, an NFV/SDN solution for carrier service chaining in virtualized networks.

GiLAN, is designed to meet the needs of operators who want to virtualize the packet core and build a robust futureproof network. Carriers can launch services without the need for dedicated hardware or complex hardcoded APNs. With efficient orchestration, the solution accelerates the time to market and time to revenue. The application detection and service orchestration capabilities of Openwave Mobility’s Integra makes it perfectly suited to this. Carriers can easily customize their networks to meet the needs of their subscribers.

Cisco has continued to innovate and lead in this space. The company has taken great strides in developing and launching a number of NFV/SDN solutions that have added real value to operator networks.

Cisco estimates that by 2019, mobile data globally will surpass 24.3 Exabytes. Traffic patterns are changing too. Not only will operators have to manage data from popular online services such as Netflix, YouTube and Dropbox, IoT will also add to traffic volatility on the network. According to analysts at Gartner, Inc., IoT connected devices will number 6.5 billion in 2016 alone.